Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Get Rid Of a Fever Naturally

When you or your children have a fever, you will soon find a way to get rid of it. Fever is usually a sign that something has gone wrong in your body. For adults fever will feel uncomfortable, but usually not dangerous even though the temperature reached 39.4 Celsius or higher. For children and teenagers fever may indicate a serious infection.

The high temperature did not indicate how

Sunday, December 30, 2012

10 Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Body

Apple cider vinegar is a brown liquid made ​​from fermented apples. Apple cider vinegar has been used since thousands of years ago because of the benefits that can cure various diseases and infections, such as sinusitis, fever, and flu. Drinking apple cider vinegar every day will help improve digestion and cure many chronic illnesses, such as depression, fatigue, arthritis, and can lower blood

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Dry Mouth

There are many ways to get rid of dry mouth. Dry mouth is a condition where there is decreased secretion of saliva in the mouth by the salivary glands. This condition can cause symptoms such as constant thirst, increased susceptibility of contracting oral opportunistic disease, increase the risk of gingivitis (gum disease), tooth decay, and mouth infections. Dry mouth also makes it difficult to

Health Benefits Of Oatmeal

There are many health benefits of oatmeal. Currently, many nutritionists and health experts advise oatmeal consumption in our daily lives. oatmeal is an appropriate alternative in maintaining a healthy life. Oatmeal is high in fiber, oatmeal provides magnesium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin B1 (thiamin), which plays an important role in producing energy.

Oats have a high nutrient

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads With Natural Ways

There are many natural ways to get rid of blackheads. Blackheads (open comedones), looks like enlarged pores and blackened. Blackheads has a blackish color due to oxidation by air. Blackheads is skin problems that occur as a result of excessive accumulation of dead skin cells and oily pores open. Blackheads are commonly seen on the nose, back, chest, neck and forehead.

Blackhead Causes:

Friday, December 28, 2012

Health Benefits Of Melon

Melon fruit contains a lot of water (about 95% of the fruit) also rich in vitamins and minerals, so it has many benefits for our health. From the side of water content, melons can give sense of cool and soothing effect, so it can relieve heartburn and cleanse the kidneys from the remnants of metabolism.

Benefits of melon fruit itself has been tested to treat various types of diseases

11 Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

There are many health benefits of lemon water. Lemon contains about 5 percent citric acid and is a rich source of vitamin C. Lemon also contains many vitamins like vitamin B, riboflavin and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein and carbohydrates. There are so many food menu that use lemon as a conduit of flavor, ranging from cakes, dishes made ​​from chicken, a variety of

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Leg Cramps

Leg cramps is a very disturbing and certainly painless, can occur at any time, either in the middle of exercise, in the middle of the night and so on. Cramps usually last less than a minute, but it could be more than 15 minutes.

Causes of leg cramps

Cramps can be caused by many things, such as:

The muscle fatigue
The use of excessive muscle
Lack of body electrolytes (Ca and K) due

How To Increase Metabolism Properly

Increase metabolism can increase calorie burning in our bodies. With good metabolism you will have the energy, more fit, and keep the weight. The term metabolism, derived from Greek, means change or transformation. It is associated with a variety of processes in the body that convert food and other substances into energy and other metabolic byproducts that are used by the body. This is a

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Naturally

Many ways to get rid of anxiety. Each person surely have experienced anxiety. If the feelings of anxiety that arise occasionally it is reasonable (normal). However, if anxiety is excessive, causing panic attacks and occurs repeatedly, too frequent or intense and even appeared unexpectedly before, it means it's time for you to seek help, treatment or therapy of anxiety.

The most common anxiety

Oregano Health Benefits And Nutrition Fact

Benefits of Oregano Leaves for health is very much. Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a plant which is used as a spice, especially in Italian cuisine. Not only has a distinctive aroma, but reversed usefulness in cooking, oregano also offer health benefits. In ancient Greece, oregano is used for the symbol of joy. This plant was first grown on the plantation of Mount Olympus. Long oregano plants

How To Treat And Choose Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin

Dry skin usually looks dull, feels tight because it has a low level of sebum and cracked due to lack of moisture level. Sebum is the natural oil glands produced by our bodies. Sebum keep your skin retain moisture.

Tips for Caring for Dry Skin

1. Dry skin should be treated better than other skin types. Dry skin needs moisturizer and gentle massage regularly to improve blood

Monday, December 24, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

There are several tips to get rid of Pink Eye. Pink eye, which is often also called conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the membranes of red and nodes that covers the white part of the eyes and the membranes on the inner eyelid. Pink eye is often caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Not only that, pink eye can also be caused by allergies, toxic substances, and certain other diseases.

Guava Health Benefits and Nutrition Fact

Guava, the familiar magical fruit in our life, have multiple health benefits. The fruit is very rich in vitamin C and some minerals that can counteract many degenerative diseases, as well as maintaining physical fitness. The leaves and bark contains antibacterial substances that can cure several diseases.

Guava tree is branched plant shrubs. Parts of this plant are often used for various

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Health Benefits And Nutrient Content Of Mint Leaves

Mint has a lot of health benefits. Mint leaves is a herb that is well known throughout the world, especially since is used for a variety of products such as breath fresheners, chewing gum, toothpaste, mouthwash. However, Only a few people realize that mint also has many other health benefits.

Mint is a plant that has been used in a variety of cultures, such as India, the Middle East, and

How To Get Rid Of Large Pores Naturally

Before trying to get rid of large pores, you should first learn what causes the enlarged pores. Many people are not really able to shrink the size of the pores, but could only make it look smaller. With age, the pores will generally be bigger because of the decrease in skin elasticity.

Large pore size of the face must be quite disturbing. Beside reducing the perfection appearance, the

Saturday, December 22, 2012

MSG Allergy, Symptoms And How To Treat It

MSG can cause allergies. Monosodium glutamate or MSG is commonly used as a flavoring various dishes. However, the use of MSG as a food additive has the potential to cause health problems. The problem is complicated because not all foods to be labeled MSG content accurately. This is exacerbated by the almost impossibility of knowing the levels of MSG in food sold in shops or restaurants.

Nutrient Content And Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley has many benefits for our health. Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is a type of green plants that contain a lot of iron. Apparently this plant is also able to stop breast cancer cells in a particular tumor type and prevent cancer cells from multiplying and growing.

Parsley can be used as effective home remedies for heart health, as it contains elements that help keep the blood

How To Get Rid Of Body Odor With Natural Ways

Many ways people do to get rid of body odor. Start by using talcum powder, deodorant or alum. Body odor is often a problem that makes confidence down. Cause of body odor is variety. Some are caused by the body's hormonal factors, there are also caused by circumstances (such as food or weather).

Generally, body odor caused by perspiration. Sweat mixed with bacteria that can make the

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Causes Of Diabetes And How To Prevent Diabetes

Almost 25% of people with diabetes do not realize if they are suffering from the disease. Everyone aged over 45 years, overweight, or have a family history with diabetes have an increased risk of type-2 diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

There are many causes why a person suffers from diabetes. Some are due to infection of the pancreas, obesity, stress, age, family history, race, high blood

Benefits of Rose Water For Health And Beauty

Rose water has many benefits. Rose water was first taken by the Persians around the 10th century. Currently, the majority of rose water and rose essential oil still comes from this area.

Although it takes a lot of rose petals to make rose water, but a lot of benefits can be obtained from the rosewater. These include antibacterial, soothing, healing and antiseptic properties. The water is

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Peanut Allergy

Peanuts is one of the causes of the most common food allergies. Unfortunately, many food products containing peanuts, making it difficult for people with peanut allergy to avoid it. In fact, peanut allergies have no cure so the only way to get rid of allergies is to avoid peanut products.

Some people have allergies, while eating peanuts, but others will show an allergic reaction just by

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How To Cure Amoxicillin Allergy

Although generally is considered safe, amoxicillin can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Allergy occurs when the body can not receive this drug or when amoxicillin interact with other drugs.

Antibiotics such as amoxicillin (amoxicillin) is given to stop the growth of bacteria that cause a number of infections. Included in the class of penicillin, the drug is prescribed to

Amoxicillin Usage and Side Effects

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic from the penicillin group commonly used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. Amoxicillin prevents the formation of the outer wall of the bacteria at the same time blocking the bacteria from dividing. Like most antibiotics, amoxicillin is only effective against bacterial infections and showed no effect in case of a virus or other infection.

General Use

How To Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally

Head lice is a terrible problem for your hair. If you have problems with head lice, surely you will find a way to get rid of it immediately. Because lice can not only make your hair is not healthy but it makes your scalp itchy and want to scratch it, because lice are one of the insects that suck the blood of your head skin. Serious problem is when you're having head lice, you will not be able to

Benefits of Tomato For Health And Beauty

Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and has many benefits for health and beauty. In the outer layer contained lycopene, an antioxidant that can prevent many types of cancer. Can also be processed into a variety of refreshing beverages and foods that can shake up the tongue.

The shape, color, flavor, and texture of tomatoes is very diverse. There is a round, flat round, curly, or like a light

Monday, December 17, 2012

How To Use Aloe Vera To Get Rid Of Constipation

Aloe vera juice is known to facilitate bowel movement launched defecation thereby reducing constipation. And also Aloe vera is a herb that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of diseases. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties owned aloe vera help treat a variety of internal and external problems.

Aloe vera is commonly used to soothe burns and cuts. The plant is also proven

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Naturally

Many people are looking for ways to get rid of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in the anus and lower rectum. Hemorrhoids may result from straining when defecating or from the increased pressure on the veins during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids may be located in the rectum (internal hemorrhoids), or may develop under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids)

Causes of

Saturday, December 15, 2012

9 Healthy Diet Tips for Women Age 20's

Age of 20 your body is in a building mode, apply a balanced diet will keep maintained healthy weight and improve health. The young lady in her 20s with lifestyle and solid activity certainly has different needs from a woman who is older. So also with the provisions of her diet.

If you are in their 20s and want to get the ideal body weight, it is necessary to follow these tips:


Friday, December 14, 2012

Tips for Beginner Treadmill Use

Treadmill is usually a favorite of beginners who are interested in exercise at the fitness center. Anyone can use it without the need for special skills. However, as easy as any kind of sport, you still need to know the correct guidelines.

The following will be discussed on the use of your treadmill especially for beginners, in order exercise more effective and enjoyable:

1. Know your

How To Get Rid Of Canker Sores Naturally

There are many ways to get rid of canker sores naturally. Canker sores is not a serious illness and life-threatening, but the condition is very disturbing and annoying because difficult to eat and talk. Canker sores is a mouth disorder of the mucous membrane, which is characterized by patches of white sores in the mouth or lips wall. Although small and lying hidden in the oral cavity but canker

Health Benefits of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a plant commonly used as a spice in the kitchen or herb to get rid of mosquitoes. But did you know that behind the fragrant smell, this plant also have a variety of medical and health benefits. Essential oils in lemongrass is usually used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of perfumes and soaps.

Research shows, lemongrass leaves contains anti-microbial and

Thursday, December 13, 2012

6 Natural Drinks To Lower High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

There are two risk factors related to the advent of high blood pressure (hypertension), which can not be controlled that is age and family history of the disease (genetics). However, you can still intervene to other risk factors by making smarter choices, such as being physically active, reduce sodium intake, and eating a healthy and balanced menu.

In addition, you can also lower the risk

How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites The Natural Way

Avoid scratching to get rid of mosquito bites. Scratching mosquito bites will damage the skin, especially if your fingers dirty, thus increasing the risk of infection, says Dr. Neal B. Schultz, a dermatologist practicing in New York City. Scratching actually create more inflammation, increase the desire to scratch more and give worse pain.

Mosquito bites can make our skin becomes itchy and

10 Food Sources of Iron for Anemia

Insufficient number of red blood cells or the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is called anemia. The most common symptoms of anemia include fatigue or lack of energy, tired, and susceptible to colds and other infections.

There are many different causes of anemia. Anemia may be caused by illness or loss of blood. In this article we will discuss only the anemia caused by iron deficiency.

5 Healthy Diet That Appropriate For Men

Men and women have different body postures, as well as their metabolic systems. Therefore, a diet that women do not always succeed if applied by men. Here's a healthy diet and appropriate for men:

1. Heart healthy diet

Men are prone to heart attacks. Because more fat in their bodies much accumulates in the blood vessels. Therefore, a healthy heart diet best suited men do. Foods such as

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Foods For Healthy Eyes

Keeping eye health is important. Just as other parts of the body, eyes may be affected by the disorder or health problems. The disorder can be caused by air that is not clean or polluted, solar radiation, radiation from too long in front of computers, and more.

Here are some foods that are very good for healthy eyes:

1. Salmon, Tuna and Sardines

Fish oil from salmon, tuna, and

Monday, December 10, 2012

How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

There are many ways to get rid of vaginal yeast infection. 75% of women will experience a vaginal yeast infection in their lifetime and more than 40% of women experience it more than once. And this condition always make women feel uncomfortable.

Cause of a yeast infection

Vagina actually contains healthy bacteria that serves to keep the acidity of intimate areas. However, if the

Good Foods And Bad Foods For Digestion

In choosing the best foods for digestive health, perhaps the most important is that the food does not cause any symptoms or complaints. In other words, good food can make digestion easier. The development of science proves a healthy digestive system will strengthen the immune system, which ultimately protects the body from various diseases.

Good food, and the foods that should be avoided

Saturday, December 8, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Sunburn Naturally

Experienced sunburn, it is uncomfortable. Then how to get rid of it? Everyone knows that applying lots of sunscreen, and be in shady places is the best way to avoid sunburn. Scientists have also recently discovered a protein in the body that triggers pain from sunburn.

But what should we do if the sunburn is already happening? According to dermatologist, taking pain relievers such as

Friday, December 7, 2012

9 Benefits of Pilates for Pregnant Women

Pilates can be a safe alternative exercise during pregnancy, in order pregnant women are always active and overcome some of the complaints during pregnancy such as fatigue, leg swelling, or pain in the waist, to the body easily tired.

Pilates, body building methods that focus on strength training (especially in the abdomen) and respiratory, safely performed by pregnant women. Only the

Fruits That Help Burn Fat

There are some fruits that help burn fat in your body. Fruits and vegetables are considered as the most healthy diet because it contains no fat or cholesterol. Even some fruit can act as a fat burner.

Some fruits are known as negative calorie foods, which means it has fewer calories than the body needs to digest. When the negative calorie foods paired with fatty foods, these foods can burn

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Foods That Can Control Blood Sugar Levels For Diabetics

Patients with diabetes or who have unstable blood sugar levels often have to be aware of the foods that they eat. Vegetables and fruits are always so excellent for diabetics. High fiber to control blood sugar spikes in your body.

Some of these foods can help diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels remain stable.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal can help keep blood sugar levels. However you must

Benefits Of Playing Soccer For Our Health

Many health benefits of playing soccer. Researchers say that soccer is a sport that effective for controlling high blood pressure. And some research shows, playing soccer can build self-esteem for children and improve fitness.

Here are 5 physical health benefits you can get from playing soccer, which can also improve your quality of life.

1. Cardiovascular health

Run and chase the

How To Get Rid Of Scars Naturally

There are many natural ways to get rid of scars. Scars can reduce our confidence. Because these scars can sometimes make us look less attractive. There are so many people who want to remove their scars in various ways, even perform surgery. Before you use the products made ​​from certain chemicals, you better try the natural way that safe.

Here are tips on how to get rid of scars

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Benefits Of Aloe vera For Our Health

Aloe vera has a wide range of benefits. Aloe vera is a succulent tropical plant that has a shape like a fleshy leaves. This leaf has many benefits, either as medicine or for cosmetics.

Aloe vera is unique plant, because it contains many biologically active compounds, such as mannans acetate, polymannans, anthraquinones, and various lectins. Aloe vera also contains about 75 types of

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Natural Detoxification That You Can Do

In fact, there is a more natural, easy, and inexpensive to perform detoxification. Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. Naturally this process is carried out by the body through defecation and urination. However, sometimes the process is interrupted, thus disrupting the body's health.

Detoxification or better known as detox can provide numerous benefits to your

How to Do a Healthy Detox and Effectively

Detoxification is the action of removing toxins from the body due to alcohol, drugs, or other toxic substances. But the benefits of detox is more extensive. You can do a detox to get rid of all the negative effects on our body from environmental influences, such as for industrial chemicals, pesticides, addictive substances in food, cigarette smoke secondhand smoke, or pollution.

When you

3 Flowers To Get Rid of Insomnia

Many natural ways that you can do to get rid of insomnia, one of them by wearing floral fragrances. Nobody likes having insomnia, but for those who suffer from hypertension, sleeplessness condition will worsen high blood pressure.

Aromatherapy is not just a fragrance that smells soothing thoughts spread around the room. Besides inhaled as aromatherapy essential oils can also be massaged into

Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Insomnia Naturally

Difficulty sleeping can be very annoying when it happens constantly, or what we call insomnia. Natural way is the best option to get rid of insomnia. Insomnia seems to have become 'best friends' for many people today. The more we are busy, the more often it is difficult for us to sleep. But it must not be taking sleeping pills to overcome this. Side effects because sleeping pills can be

4 Best Calorie Burning Exercise

Choosing the right exercise is one way to lose weight efficiently. To get the ideal body shape, regular exercise is important. The right type of exercise to burn calories and fat are aerobic and cardio exercise. Besides helping the effectiveness of your diet program, cardio exercise is also beneficial for heart health

And the best choice of exercise can burn 200 calories in less than 30

How To Get Rid Of Diarrhea Naturally

Diarrhea can cause discomfort and are often accompanied by fatigue, dehydration, bloating, cramps, weight loss, and fever. But do not worry, there are natural ways to get rid of diarrhea. Diarrhea is characterized by increased frequency of bowel movements, and changes in feces consistency. Diarrhea occurs when feces contain water too much.

Causes of diarrhea

Here are some of the most

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Seven Foods To Get Rid Of Acne

Getting rid of acne really need extra handling. Not only diligently clean your face and use acne medication, acne skin care must but also from within, such as keeping your diet. To eliminate acne and scars, meet the body's need for antioxidants such as vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals zinc, selenium, and others. This antioxidant found in many vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Therefore, consume as

Benefits of Beets For Our Health

Beets is a kind of watery vegetables that are red. Beets also has many benefits for the body. Unfortunately, some people do not like Beets because the smell and taste. Beets rich in carbohydrates, which are easy become energy and iron that help the blood to carry oxygen to the brain. Beets is red, the color is caused by a combination of betasianin purple pigment, and betasantin yellow pigments.