Friday, August 31, 2012

Source of Healthy Fats that You Can Get From Food

The key to getting healthy fats actually focusing on good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and avoid bad fat (trans fat and saturated fat. Fat is essential for maintaining body temperature and keep skin healthy. Consumption of fat as an energy source are still required.

The type of fat in foods such as trans fats, hydrogenated oils, saturated fat and some tropical oils, can cause

7 Tips How To Keep The Health Of Your Children

Keeping the health of children, become special attention of the mother, especially during the change of seasons is generally accompanied by the development of various diseases. A child or babies are very susceptible to germs and disease because their immune system has not been perfect. Knowledge about child's health will make you is not easy to panic when facing your child experience health

Thursday, August 30, 2012

4 Healthy Exercise To Get Healthy Heart

A simple exercise that can be done to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases. There are at least four types of exercise that makes the healthy heart. What is it?

People who are less active in sports have a risk two to three times more likely to have a heart attack? A heart attack occurs because blood flow to the muscles of the heart is interrupted. Due to a

Healthy Calorie Intake Per Day

What is the standard healthy calorie intake per day? The general standard of calories a person needs is different. Factors that influence such as gender, age, weight, physical activity, physiological conditions (eg pregnant women), and others.

What is a calorie?
Calories are the unit used to express the amount of energy. In general calories for the amount of energy contained in food. Calories

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12 Foods For Healthy Hair

Healthy hair also influenced by the food that we eat. Healthy hair is not only determined by the choice of shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments from the outside but is also determined by your food. Because the intake of nutrients that we eat can also affect the health and beauty of hair. Human hair grows about ¼ - ½ inch per month, and the basis of the growth of hair, skin and nails is the

Why is It Important To Eat Healthy? This is the Answer

Why is it important to eat healthy? Eat healthy means we eat a variety of foods that provide the nutrients we need each day to maintain a healthy body, by healthy eating we will feel better, and have energy.

In order to the body function optimally, then you should be able to provide sufficient vitamins and minerals. Provide nutritionally balanced from all food groups. Our inability to sort

7 Tips On Keeping Healthy

Always keep the body healthy and fit is actually easy to do. We do not need the expensive cost to stay healthy. Keeping healthy can do by managing our eating patterns and frequently exercise. Keeping healthy is not centered on the body that are considered important, but almost all parts of the limb requires attention, keeping healthy is not difficult if we really want to live healthy, but in

4 Healthy Cereal For Healthy Breakfast

Cereal is the most practical breakfast menu. It was crispy-crunchy tasty and more delicious added to milk. This breakfast was able to give nutrients intake and make the body healthy. Cereal is a food with high carbohydrate content, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and low in sugar. Cereal is perfect for those who want to lose weight without feeling a sense of weakness. Additional fresh milk

Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Foods For Healthy Lungs

There are some healthy and nutritious foods that are beneficial for maintaining healthy lungs, respiratory system ensuring functioning properly, and also to help reduce the risk of lung disease. Food for healthy lungs are actually not hard to find and very cheap price, here are some healthy foods for lungs:

1. Apples and tomatoes

Apples and tomatoes have the greatest potential to protect

7 Tips To Get Healthy Lungs

Having healthy lungs is everyone's dream. The lungs are one of the organs that have a vital function in supporting life. For that condition must be maintained in order to stay healthy and strong. Some bad habits can damage the lungs. Here are tips you can do to get healthy lungs and strong:

1. Doing exercise

The better cardiorespiratory fitness, it will be easier for the lungs to keep

Tips To Get Healthy Skin And Acne Free Natural Way

Having healthy skin acne free becomes the desire of every woman. There are many factors that cause acne. From the heredity, stress, increasing testosterone at puberty or menstruation, to pollution. But the main thing is because of excessive production of oil glands that cover the skin pores.

Acne often appears on the skin area that has the most oil glands, such as the face, neck, chest, back

Sunday, August 26, 2012

5 Vitamins That You Need To Get Healthy Skin

Everyone want to have a healthy skin, because with the healthy skin you will be more confident with your appearance. For a long time the doctors knew that the vitamin plays an important role in skin health. Dry skin, wrinkles and flaking generally can be fixed by taking enough vitamins. Even before there are modern medicine, people just rely on vitamins and other natural substances to treat the

Tips How To Get Healthy Skin Naturally

Every woman wants healthy skin, soft and fresh. Not a few women complain of dull skin, rough, and not shiny. Many factors can damage skin care, ranging from ultraviolet to the dust and pollution. What are treatment that required for healthy skin?. Here are some tips or ways to have a healthy skin, soft, clean and fresh.

1. It has long been drinking enough water can help rejuvenate human

Saturday, August 25, 2012

6 Best Diet For Healthy Skin

A healthy diet will make your skin healthy and beautiful, because what you eat can affect the skin and other things you have in your life. Low carb diets can reduce the body's ability to produce antioxidants that are useful to combat free radicals that are responsible for premature aging. If you do not drink water in sufficient quantities, can dehydrate you and your skin vulnerable to diseases

Friday, August 24, 2012

10 Foods For Healthy Skin

Proper food is one key to getting healthy skin, brighter, with a softer texture and fewer wrinkles. According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a dermatology expert from Yale University School of Medicine, skin rejuvenation can be done with the program 3 full days eating fish, fruit, vegetables and olive oil. According to Perricone, a lot of skin problems, like acne, can be treated through dietary

9 Nutrition for Healthy Skin

Healthy skin, not only requires care from the outside but also need the intake of nutrients from food. Here are some foods and nutrients that can help you get healthier and brighter skin.

1. Water

Water keeping the root of skin stay moist, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps cells absorb nutrients and remove toxins. In addition, water is also improving blood flow, keep skin glowing.